Jacksonville KFC Employee Arrested After Hitting Drive-Thru Customer In The Face

A KFC drive-thru employee was arrested last week after a customer claimed that 30 year old Shade Simmons busted him in the mouth with his order of chicken.

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to the home of the 53 year old Ronald Jenkins who had cell phone video of him being upset that Shade was handling his food improperly, similarly to what customers do at home with their own food. The man pulled out his cell phone and recorded his disagreement with her.

When his food was ready, she leaned out the window and pushed the food at him which was videoed and the man claims busted his mouth, chipping his tooth which caused his mouth to bleed.

Simmons was arrested while working at the KFC on Edgewood Avenue near Avenue B for the alleged incident of hitting him with the bird box.